WEEDUI Ventura County Drugged Driving Summit

Ventura County Behavioral Health, California Office of Traffic Safety
September 17, 2015

The WEEDUI Summit is a "Call to Action" for Ventura County to reduce DUIs by providing information needed to change attitudes, behaviors, and social norms around driving under the influence of drugs.

The Summit featured state and local officials, leading experts in drug-impaired driving prevention, tools for attendees, and a Call to Action for Ventura County. The abuse of marijuana, prescription, and illicit drugs while driving is on the rise due to a lowered perceived risk of danger and changing laws around the nation. An estimated one in five weekend nighttime drivers tested positive for at least one legal or illegal drug, according to a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report.

“Throughout California, drugged driving is becoming a more critical issue. In Ventura County we are working to get out in front by providing a framework for people to understand the problem,” Patrick Zarate, Division Manager, Alcohol and Drug Programs, stated. “The WEEDUI Summit will unite stakeholders in our community to talk about the issues and provide them with the tools to engage with the public about the risks and impacts of drug-impaired driving.”

“Our goal is to ignite conversations within the community of Ventura County. Everyone should know about the dangerous, damaging effects of drugs, even if you have a prescription or recommendation,” acknowledged David Tovar, OTS Grant Coordinator. “We believe that prevention and education are the best ways to change minds and influence behavior. We are working to educate people about the dangers of driving under the influence so they do not hurt themselves, others, or end up in our criminal justice system. Our main goals are safety – and saving lives.”

> Download the Summit Agenda.

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