Mapping Marijuana Leadership Forum 2016

Ventura County Behavioral Health, Ventura County Sheriff's Office
January 7, 2016
Mapping Marijuana is a Community Planning Compass for Youth Health & Safety. It is a guide for Policymakers and looks at how our communities might change in regards to these sectors: Neighborhoods, Businesses, Schools, Public Safety,...
TAGS: Retailers, Youth, Parents, Special Populations, Young Women, Military, College, Legislation, State of California, Holiday DUI Enforcement

Pillar of Prevention Award 2015: Danny Trejo, Actor/Producer

Ventura County Behavioral Health, Alcohol & Drug Programs, Ventura County Probation Agency, with support of Western Pacific Drug Programs
September 21, 2015
“Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else.” - Danny Trejo Mark Varela, Director/Chief Probation Officer, Ventura County Probation Agency; Patrick Zarate, Division Manager, VCBH,...
TAGS: Youth, Parents

WEEDUI Ventura County Drugged Driving Summit

Ventura County Behavioral Health
September 17, 2015
The WEEDUI Summit is a "Call to Action" for Ventura County to reduce DUIs by providing information needed to change attitudes, behaviors, and social norms around driving under the influence of drugs. The Summit featured state and local...
TAGS: Youth, Parents, Holiday DUI Enforcement

Safe Opioid Prescribing Media Event

Ventura County Behavioral Health, Ventura County Public Health, Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center, Allied Emergency Departments Countywide
January 29, 2015
Dr. Julia Feig, Dr. Celia Woods, Dr. Neil Canby, Dr. Carlo Reyes, Dr. Anthony H. Ho, Dr. Thomas Duncan, Dr. Marty Ehrlich Los Robles Hospital, Thousand Oaks, CA Hospitals Unite on New Pain Meds Policy - Collaboration to Counter Drug Abuse,...
TAGS: Youth, Parents

Rx Drug and Heroin Abuse in Ventura County: What You Need to Know

Ventura County Behavioral Health, Ventura County Sheriff's Office, Ventura County Health Care Agency, Ventura County Office of Education Research and Evaluation
November 21, 2014
TAGS: Youth, Parents

Conejo Valley Community Forum

Ventura County Sheriff's Office, Thousand Oaks Police Department
October 15, 2014
Hillcrest Center, Thousand Oaks, CA Teens Talk About Rx Abuse & Heroin
TAGS: Youth, Parents

Recovery Month Conference 2014: Choosing Recovery Every Day

Ventura County Behavioral Health
September 10, 2014
For many decades addiction was studied measuring treatment failures, recidivism, and overdoses after treatment. Current research indicates that 4.1 million people annually achieve recovery, and roughly half from 12-step and community-based...
TAGS: Youth, Parents, Young Women, Military, College

Overdose Prevention Training

Ventura County Behavioral Health, LA Community Health Project
June 4, 2014
This training provided an overview of the overdose crisis nationally, overdose prevention, Naloxone and opioid rescue. Trainers: Shoshanna Scholar, Executive Director, LA Community Health Project; Adam Butler, former statewide overdose response and...
TAGS: Parents

Social Host Workshop: Underage Drinking and Home Parties. Implementing Social Host Ordinances in Ventura County

Ventura County Sheriff's Office, Ventura County Behavioral Health
May 15, 2014
East County Patrol Station, Thousand Oaks, CA The costs and consequences of heavy drinking by teenagers continue to mount, and people recognize that underage drinking is a costly problem that affects virtually everyone. Many communities are...
TAGS: Youth, Parents, Legislation

National Rx Drug Abuse Summit 2014

National Rx Drug Abuse Summit, Operation UNITE
April 22, 2014
Atlanta, GA National Momentum - Rx Drug Prevention Hundreds of community leaders and health professionals support change in Rx drug prescribing and abuse. The Summit is the largest national collaboration of professionals from local, state and...
TAGS: Youth, Parents, Legislation
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