Impaired Driving: Collaboration

Taking Action in Ventura County

Working Together Works

In 2010, Ventura County Behavioral Health, Alcohol and Drug Programs was awarded a one-year grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) to address the issue of impaired driving in Ventura County. The local campaign, "Deuces Down: Ventura Campaign to Prevent Young Adult DUI," addresses the issue of impaired driving and ways to reverse the trend of alcohol impaired collisions in our county. The number of alcohol-involved fatal collisions in Ventura County has included several high-profile tragedies involving young adult drivers. With the help of this grant funding, we developed a countywide campaign which challenges the norms around young adult drinking and driving behavior.

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DUI Summit 2011

Our efforts to reduce DUI's in Ventura County continue with the collaboration of county agencies, non profits, retail establishments, and the community at large. A second DUI Prevention No Excuses Summit, "Working Together Works" was held in Ventura in 2011 to highlight community efforts. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Manager, Mike Scioscia was a featured speaker at this event.

"In April 2009, our organization and community experienced first-hand the tragic consequences of an individual choosing to drive while under the influence. The situation resulted in a renewed awareness about DUI, as well as continued efforts to prevent similar poor decision-making by others. A pro-active effort to educate and prevent similar tragedies must remain a priority.” - Mike Scioscia, Los Angeles Angels

> DUI Prevention Summit 2011.

DUI Summit 2009

“Unacceptable Losses” was the theme of the first Ventura County DUI Prevention Summit in 2009, bringing together agencies united to address the problem of impaired driving and the tragedies that result.

> DUI Prevention Summit 2009.

Be the DD and Win: Designated Driver Campaign

Using an innovative strategy, downtown Ventura retailers joined with VCBH Alcohol & Drug Programs and the Ventura Police Department to promote and kick off a Designated Driver program in July 2011. As a result of the success of this campaign, the program has expanded to Camarillo and Thousand Oaks.

Be the DD and Win is a Designated Driver campaign that includes the popular Prize Posse, a group of young people who take the streets with prizes and swag, all the while delivering the message that it is cool to Be the DD.

> Be the DD and Win campaign.

DUI Prevention - Crashed Car Trailer Exhibit

On June 20, 2012, Ventura County’s first crashed car trailer exhibit was unveiled at the Ventura County Government Center. The unveiling was presented by the Ventura Police Department and Ventura County Behavioral Health Department. The event featured the first viewing of a shared county resource - a mobile DUI prevention exhibit to raise awareness about impaired driving, and to support good driving decisions. Read more.

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