Impaired Driving: RBSS Training

Responsible Beverage Sales and Service Training (RBSS)

Responsible Beverage Sales and Service is a community-based approach to reducing risks associated with retail alcohol environments. Learn how this training helps to reduce alcohol-related problems in our communities by educating the establishment’s staff on the sales and service of alcohol, and holding them accountable if their establishment violates state and local laws, such as sales to minors and sales to obviously intoxicated patrons.

Who Needs Training?

Servers. Bartenders. Security. Support Staff. Owners. Managers.


  • Techniques for checking IDs
  • How to identify signs of intoxication
  • How to resolve conflicts with customers
  • Legal consequences for servers
  • Legal liabilities for businesses


  • Avoid fines and alcohol license suspension for illegal sales to minors
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce police calls
  • Happier customers

To Learn More

Project SAFER Educational Foundation
Responsible Beverage Sales and Service Training

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