Impaired Driving: Alcohol and Driving

"No person should suffer the tragedy of losing someone as a result of drunk, drugged, or distracted driving, but for far too long the danger of impaired driving has robbed people of the comfort of knowing that when they or a loved one leaves home they will return safely. Impaired driving puts drivers, passengers, and pedestrians at risk, and each year it claims the lives of thousands of Americans. During National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, we recommit to preventing these incidents by acting responsibly and by promoting responsible behavior in those around us. Together, we can enhance public safety and work to ensure a happy, healthy life for all our people."  Presidential Proclamation

Impaired Driving by the Numbers

Ventura County works to prevent impaired driving, starting by collecting information from people who get DUIs so that we can learn about local trends.

44% Drove from Bars, Clubs or Restaurants

The most commonly reported places of last drink prior to DUI arrest were a bar, club or restaurant (44%) or a private residence (43%) (Source: POLD, 2014).

6 Drinks

The average number of drinks consumed on the day of DUI arrest (Source: POLD, 2014).

10 miles Driven

The average number of miles driven from the place of last drink before being stopped by a law enforcement officer (Source: POLD, 2014).

1 in 3 had Passengers

One-third (32%) of all participants reported that they had at least one passenger in their car when they were stopped and arrested for a DUI (Source: POLD, 2014).

1 in 10 Used Drugs Other than Alcohol

Eleven percent of all participants reported that they had used other drugs besides alcohol on the day of their arrest. Among the respondents who reported using other drugs, besides alcohol, on the day of their DUI arrest, respondents most frequently reported using prescription drugs (45%) or marijuana (43%) (Source: POLD, 2014).

1 in 4 had Twice the Legal BAC

One-quarter (24%) of participants indicated that their blood alcohol content (BAC) level was at or above twice the legal limit (≥ 0.16) (Source: POLD, 2014).

1 in 4 Fatal Crashes Involve Impaired Driving

Impaired driving from alcohol and other drug use still accounts for approximately 24% of fatal crashes even though alcohol and drug crashes only make up 8% of the total vehicle crashes in Ventura County (Source: SWITRS, prepared and maintained by CHP, 2014).

241 Victims

In 2014, nine individuals lost their lives to impaired drivers and an additional 232 were injured by impaired drivers in Ventura County (Source: SWITRS, prepared and maintained by CHP, 2014).

3,261 Arrests

In 2013, there were 3,261 driving under the influence arrests in Ventura County (Source: California DMV, 2013). Alcohol use was the most commonly reported reason for arrest (94%) but use of illegal drugs or prescription drugs made up 4% of DUI arrests, and an additional 2% were arrested for impaired driving due to both alcohol and drug use (Source: POLD, 2014).

46% of Residents Do Not Designate a Driver

From a Countywide Impaired Driving Survey in 2015 of Ventura County residents, among respondents who stated they party/go out with friends, 46% indicated they do not “always” have a designated driver (DD). In fact, 12% indicated “never” having a DD when out consuming alcohol.


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