Overview: Community Outreach

In the Community - Making a Difference

We are involved in outreach in our Ventura County communities, educating and increasing awareness about the risks and realities of alcohol and drug misuse and abuse. Please contact us about community outreach events and to inquire about presentations. Our Community Outreach team can come and speak to your organization, in both English and Spanish. 

National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit, Atlanta, 2019

The Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit is the largest national collaboration of professionals from local, state, and federal agencies, business, academia, treatment providers, and allied communities impacted by prescription drug abuse and heroin use. This year Ventura County Behavioral Health presented “Saving Lives: Ventura County’s Overdose Prevention Program.” Presenters included Loretta Denering, DrPH, MS, Chief, Alcohol and Drug Programs Division, Kristen Donovan, PhD, Evalcorp, Research & Consulting, Daniel Hicks, Manager, Prevention Services, and Ashley Nettles, Overdose Prevention Program.

> See the Overdose Prevention Video

Opioid Awareness Month display at the Ventura County Government Center, October 2018

15th Statewide Integrated Care Conference, October 2018

Our Prevention Services Community Outreach Team

Alma Ixta and Erika Fernandez are our Community Services Coordinators. They attend local events and offer presentations to educate parents, families and the community about the risks of alcohol and drug misuse and abuse. For information about our events, request campaign materials or inquire about scheduling a presentation, contact Alma at (805) 981-8475 or Alma.Ixta@ventura.org and Erika at (805) 981-9577 or Erika.Fernandez@ventura.org.

David Tovar is the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) Grant Coordinator for ADP Prevention Services. He oversees outreach activities related to our Drug-impaired Driving Campaign. For information about campaign materials or inquire about scheduling a presentation, contact David at (805) 973-5376 or David.Tovar@ventura.org.

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