Underage & Binge Drinking: Best Practices

Listed below are Best Practices Guides for preventing problems associated with underage drinking parties and retail alcohol outlets. Designed for coalitions, policy makers, local citizens, and health professionals, they provide useful tools for addressing alcohol problems in your community.


Policy Briefing 01: Model Social Host Liability Ordinance: With Legal Commentary and Resources
Underage drinking parties are a prime setting for binge drinking and associated problems. This Policy Briefing 01 includes a model ordinance designed to prevent underage drinking parties and shift social norms regarding their acceptability.
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Policy Briefing 02: Best Practices in Municipal Regulation to Reduce Alcohol-Related Harms from Licensed Alcohol Outlets
Retail alcohol outlets are an important part of a community’s business environment, and careful local planning and oversight is critical to minimizing the health and safety risks associated with their operation. The Best Practices guide discusses the role of local zoning and planning in designing a safe retail alcohol environment and includes model ordinances with commentary.
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Reducing Community Alcohol Problems Associated with Alcohol Sales: The Case of Deemed Approved Ordinances in California
Deemed Approved Ordinances (DAOs) are a critical tool for monitoring retail alcohol outlets in your community. This report complements Policy Briefing 02 by identifying key components of DAO, and reviewing their implementation in 11 California cities and counties.
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White Paper: Alcohol Policy - The Impact of Proposition 26 on Alcohol Retail Deemed Approved Ordinances and Associated Fees
Proposition 26, enacted by California voters in 2010, presents special challenges for local jurisdictions considering a DAO that includes an enforcement fee. This White Paper, also designed to complement Policy Briefing 02, provides a legal analysis of this important issue and offers specific guidelines for enacting such a fee within the limitations established by the Proposition.
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Policy Briefing 03: Best Practices in Responsible Alcoholic Beverage Sales and Service Training
Responsible Beverage Service programs are an important component of a comprehensive approach to promoting successful and safe alcohol retail businesses in your community. This guide provides an overview, a model local ordinance, and resources for implementation.
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Local Ventura County Ordinances

Social Host Ordinance Impact Evaluation: Phase II Findings - 2013 Issue Briefing
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Ventura County Social Host Ordinance Impact Evaluation: Phase I Findings - 2009 Issue Briefing
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Social Host Workshop: Underage Drinking and Home Parties. Implementing Social Host Ordinances in Ventura County
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