The Intersection of Law Enforcement and Healthcare: Increased Utilization of California's PDMP

Victor Fazio, EdD, MACJ, Detective Sergeant, Ventura County Sheriff's Office; Daniel Hicks, Manager, Prevention Services, Ventura County Behavioral Health
April 4, 2018
National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit 2018, Atlanta, GA

California maintains CURES as one method to mitigate harms caused by opioids. Use of this system by physicians has been shown to decrease their writing of opioid medication prescriptions, potentially reducing the amount of fatal overdoses of both Rx opioids and heroin. Additional benefits of PDMP utilization include physicians being more aware of the criminal act of patient “doctor shopping,” potentially irresponsible prescribing by fellow healthcare professionals, or other forms of pharmaceutical diversion such as fraud and forgeries. This presentation highlights findings from an academic project that aimed to understand physician underutilization of CURES and evaluate an opioid reduction workgroup’s progress toward its goal of 100% of physicians in its geographical area using CURES.
TAGS: Retailers, Youth, Parents, Special Populations, Young Women, Military, College, Legislation, State of California, Holiday DUI Enforcement
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