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Ventura County Behavioral Health, JAMS Productions

How to Talk to your teen about weed. "How High Ventura County" is a new innovative marijuana educational campaign. It is targeted to parents and offers tips on engaging your teenager in a smart dialogue about marijuana. The campaign features a video series, marijuana dictionary, educational booklets, and a flagship quiz, "What's Your HighQ?"

In 2014, Ventura County Behavioral Health launched How High Ventura County, a dedicated educational program to teach parents and teens why and how marijuana uniquely affects youth differently than adults. Since inception, health educators have descended into schools and classrooms across the county, teaching thousands of students about marijuana’s unique impact on the developing teenage brain. How High Ventura County empowers students to safely talk about marijuana. Using videos, music and quizzes to creatively engage students, the education engages dialogues with students. By rejecting and evolving the dialogue beyond the “Just Say No” approach of a generation ago, the program successfully increases awareness of marijuana health harms in 95% of all 7th graders reached (Source: Evalcorp).


How High Ventura County (Spanish)

How High Ventura County (English)

Dan Hicks, VCBH Prevention Services Manager, and Dr. Karen Streeter, Public Health, chat at the launch of How High Ventura County on November 19. Find out your HighQ at:

Ventura County community leaders and staff take the new quiz: What's Your HighQ? The quiz is designed to educate parents about the impact of marijuana on the developing teen brain. Parents: If you got the facts down, would you still let your kid get high?

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