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Rae Hanstad Consulting is a contract provider with Ventura County Behavioral Health, Alcohol and Drug Programs, Prevention Services. Rae Hanstad Consulting provides support for targeted Prevention Initiatives, including: Marijuana Policy and Prevention Services; Prescription (Rx) Drug Policy and Prevention; Substance Abuse Research and Policy; and Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) Research and Prevention.

Rae was instrumental in writing Methamphetamine in Ventura County: Report of the VC Meth Task Force in January 2009. Rae completed the report Marijuana in Ventura County: A Gateway for Discussion in February 2011.

In 2014 the updated report, Marijuana in Ventura County: A Gateway for Discussion (Second Edition) was published. A Gateway for Discussion attempts to address frequently asked but not easily answered questions that surround the issues of marijuana in Ventura County. Efforts were made to utilize as much available local data and current policy as possible and to ensure that unbiased, apolitical research was consulted. In the end, the marijuana debate may continue for a long time before this region will have the advantage of consistent and coordinated marijuana policies to address fluctuating availability and changing attitudes about a currently illegal and potentially harmful drug.

The Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin Workgroup was launched in February 2012 in response to the growing problem of prescription pain medication and heroin abuse in Ventura County. Labeled a nationwide crisis and epidemic, reports from professionals and the community made it clear that this region was far from immune. Confronting prescription drug and heroin abuse was essential to protecting the public health and safety of all citizens, including youth.

This first report, Rx & Heroin Abuse: Ventura County RESPONDS, published in 2014 and researched and written by Rae Hanstad Consulting, presents the realities, strategies and initial accomplishments of an ongoing dedicated effort at community transformation. The newly revised report Reducing Supply - Reducing Demand - Saving Lives was published in 2017. This report highlights identified strategies and opportunities to reverse the trends which have led to this epidemic.
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