Women's Services Brochure

Ventura County Behavioral Health

“Recovery to me is having a second chance at life. It’s having the support, hope and optimism to rebuild my life."

We offer comprehensive treatment services for women, both adults and adolescents. Our Women’s Services programs address the special needs of women receiving treatment for substance use disorders. We offer gender-responsive, trauma-informed services for women coping with the effects of substance use, mental health problems and domestic violence. We create an environment that is based on responsiveness to the unique needs of women and parenting women with their children.

A New Start for Moms is a special program in Ventura County where women can get help for alcohol and other drug-related problems. Our center is special because we offer services not only to women of all ages, but especially to those who are pregnant or have young children. Dealing with one’s own alcohol or drug problems is especially difficult when there are children to consider. We give women a second chance at healing and ensuring the health and safety of their children.
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